Less Than Perfect -  Rose & Oud - 100g

Less Than Perfect - Rose & Oud - 100g

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***May have minor superficial damage such as a bash in the tin ***

Makeup Brush cleaner tin, supersize 100g large size with scrubbing mat included. 

- Instantly removes make up from brushes & sponges

- Smells amazing

- Conditions brushes

- Tough on stains

- Cruelty free

Directions:  At the sink, run some warm water, and wet brush / sponge.  Lather in product, and rinse. Lather again if necessary, and use fingers to remove soap & product.  Use cold water to thoroughly rinse, especially inside bristles then use Jewel Cosmetics Towel to dry.  Take care never to get the ferrule or handle of brush wet as this causes swelling & moulting.  Never pull bristles when drying, just pat & rub instead.  Once finished, dry the soap off to prevent swelling.