Luxury 3D Eyelashes

Luxury 3D Reusable False Lashes

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Available in 5 different styles, these lashes were created to look beautiful, and be easy to apply. 

After years of trial and error with different types of lashes,  Julz selected a style for everyone to enhance natural beauty by creating styles that replicated real lashes. All lashes have a wispy, fluffy finish.

Directions:  Hold lash to the eye, and allow a 1/2 finger space from the tear duct for the starting point. Using scissors, cut the band from the outer edge to the correct size.  Apply eyelash glue (available from most chemists & supermarkets) along the band & wait around 1 minute for it to begin to go tacky. Holding lashes by the lash edge, guide the inner corner down first, then the rest of the strip, ensuring the strip is as close to the natural lash line as possible. Gently tap the outside and inside sections to help them affix.  Lashes can be re used up to around 6 times.